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Our Chapter Name and What Does Onagomingkway Mean?

In 2004, several women gathered in the dining room of the Landmark Inn in Marquette to consider forming a new DAR chapter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Organizing Regent Rose Edwards, who lived in Baraga, a town located on Lake Superior and the home of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Band of Chippewa Indians, was a member of the tribe and suggested Onagomingkway as a possible name for the chapter.

She explained that all female Chippewa names have “kway” at the end because it means “woman,” and that the word phrase on-a-go-ming means “by the lake.”

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Since the women in the organizing group were from towns along the shores of both Lakes Superior and Michigan, they selected the name Onagomingkway (Women by the Lake) to honor the Chippewa heritage in the Upper Peninsula and the many brave women who have lived by two of the mighty Great Lakes.

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